Washington Street Irish Pub Session Today

Well, the Folk Music Sunday was rained out, but today it is beautiful and dry and tonight’s event is indoors anyway. Every other week on Tuesday there is a Celtic session at the Washington Street Irish Pub in Bay City (7-10PM or thereabouts). Tonight is the night, at least if you’re reading this on June 8th.

For those who have not encountered them before, sessions are a relatively informal gathering of musicians to swap tunes and occasionally songs. If you’re interested in this sort of music, it’s a fine way to get out and hear local (and occasionally visiting) players, with the only expense being buying a drink or two so the bartender doesn’t give you the evil eye.

If you play or are interested in playing, the Washington Street session is a nice and friendly. When we’ve been there the tunes have been a mixture of Celtic (mostly Irish) and American old-time tunes. Tunes are started in a round-robin fashion, so everybody playing gets to start a few tunes each night.

We meant to take pictures to post here two weeks ago, maybe we’ll remember to do so tonight!

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