StepCrew Coming to Midland

Now, if you’re anything like I was this morning, you’re saying “Who the heck are StepCrew?” I actually glanced at their picture in the newspaper last week, said to myself “Eh, dancers for the jazz festival,” and turned the page. But Jen read that section in the paper today, and actually read the blurb, which was something like “Fall into step with the international dance sensation! The fusion of fancy footwork stars the world’s top talents in three captivating dance styles – Irish Step, Ottawa Valley Step and Modern Tap – and three world-class fiddlers backed by an amazing five-piece ensemble comprised of some of the most talented and respected musicians in the Celtic music scene today!”

With that, I looked at the picture again, and said, “Hey, isn’t that one of those Pilatzke brothers?” A web search later, and we discovered it was actually both of them, plus Cara Butler and most incredibly, Yvonne Kane. The first three are top notch dancers who have been performing with the Chieftains for nearly a decade. And Yvonne Kane is one of the top Irish fiddlers of her generation.

In my experience, Ottawa Valley stepdancers always put on an entertaining show, and these guys are as good as it comes. Throw in Yvonne Kane and it ought to be a can’t miss show for fans of Celtic music.

June 10th, 8pm, Midland Center for the Arts.

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