Midland Folk Festival Workshops

The Midland Folk Festival is next weekend, and they’ve posted their workshop schedule for Friday and Saturday. There are a lot of interesting looking classes, but I’d like to put in a word for the four I’m teaching:

Friday, 10 AM: Newfoundland Dance Tunes
Friday, 1 PM: Irish Dance Tunes
Saturday, 11 AM: Irish Single Reels
Saturday, 1 PM: Traditional Newfoundland Waltzes

For all the classes, my goal is going to be to teach two tunes of the given type. Instead of creating a CD like last year and burning 50 copies (which was far too much work!), I’m going to put all the resources for the classes here on Midland Celtic. I will have sheet music to pass out, probably one page’s worth for each class.

All the tunes will be playable on whistle for sure, as that’s my instrument. But any melody instrument with a reasonable range capable of playing in G and D should be able to handle them. I will try to work out simple chords for the sheet music as well, but that’s not really my thing, and I make no promises.

The two “dance tune” classes will be a bit easier than the other two; the single reels will be pretty brisk, and the waltzes just plain have more notes.

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