It’s time for our yearly favorite news from Bay City’s lovely sister city, Goderich, Ontario — the Celtic College schedule announcement is up:

Goderich Celtic College schedule and course descriptions

We are so pleased to see Christina Smith and Jean Hewson back this year, and The Once teaching again, too!  Just in time for me to add to my shower-singing repertoire.

We’re getting ready to try to organize a small army to travel there from Midland.  No barricades, just a lot of music.

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1 Response to Goderich Celtic College schedule and course descriptions

  1. colomon says:

    “Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of Newfoundland…”

    It’s not all Newfoundland music; there are also loads of Irish, Scottish, mainland Canadian, and even English musicians teaching at the Celtic College. (Don’t ask me how they justify English as “Celtic”, but the English teachers they’ve got coming over are terrific musicians and teachers — we’ve taken classes from many of them in the past.)

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