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Equinox will be giving a concert at The White Crow Conservatory on Saturday, April 27 at 7:00. They will be joined by Todd and Mahlia Farley, the mimes extraordinaire featured in ‘The Great Lakes Bay’ magazine this month. Also Ariul, a talented dancer, will be dancing the Irish steps.

Kathy Morris also asked me to pass this on:

Michigan singer/songwriter Candace Corrigan, who now works in Nashville, Tennessee, has completed her latest project, “O’Carolan, Songwriter”. When O’Carolan composed in the late 17 century, he often wrote lyrics to his ‘tribute’ songs, or ‘planxties’, which were paid for by these patrons. His wonderful music survived as it was passed down through the ages, but much of the accompanying prose was lost. Candace uncovered what she could, and had the words translated from the original ‘Irish’ Gaelic, which still left the challenge of fitting these English lyrics into his well known melodies. She does an amazing job with her skillful beautiful voice backed up by Janne Henshaw from Indiana, and our own local Carol Levack. You can download the music, or order CDs at

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