Paddy O’Brien and Nathan Gourley

They’re at the White Crow Saturday night for a concert, then Sunday afternoon:

Multi Instrumental TUNES WORKSHOP! Tickets $40
Sunday May 31st 1pm $40
Call the CROW for more info!
989-790-2118 or email
Paddy O’Brien & Nathan Gourley: Multi-Instrument Tune Workshop
Available for intermediate and advanced players of any melody instrument used in the Irish tradition: fiddle, flute, whistle, concertina, accordion, banjo, etc.
Paddy and Nathan’s multi-instrument tune workshop offers students both encouragement and concrete tools for improving their understanding and interpretation of Irish traditional music. Technical instruction focuses on ornamentation, phrasing, and dynamics. The workshop also includes a strong emphasis on listening, interpretation, and feeling—the thing called ‘blas’ in Irish, which means ‘taste’ or ‘flavor.’ Students will also receive information and advice on good non-commercial recorded sources for learning tunes, and on particular tunes most suited to their instruments. Music will be learned by ear, so students are encouraged to bring recording devices and notebooks. 90 minutes—$40 per person.
Sample one-session repertoire workshop:
• Students play along on a basic tune so that Paddy and Nathan can assess their skill levels.
• Paddy and Nathan select 4-5 tunes (jigs, reels, and hornpipes, etc.) appropriate to students’ abilities. Tunes should help increase students’ repertoire and knowledge of traditional music while providing a basic grounding in good playing habits and solid technique. Paddy and/or Nathan play each tune over twice: once at regular tempo and once at a slower ‘learning’ tempo. Students spend some time familiarizing themselves with the new tunes.
• Paddy and Nathan play tunes through with students, working on technique, ornamentation, dynamics, and phrasing.
• Paddy talks about the importance of careful listening and interpretation in Irish music, how to select keys that best reflect the shape and feeling of a tune. He will also recommend good non-commercial sources for learning tunes. Students have the opportunity to request particular tunes, ask questions, and gain individual advice.
• Students are asked to bring their instruments and a recording device.

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