Busy Times!

I’ll be doing a series of blog posts on upcoming Celtic music events in our area soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick list of things a bit further afield, put together by Colleen Gavin:

Feb 24- BreakFest at The Ark with performance by Mike and Colleen Gavin and Lance Wagner
March 4- Altan at The Ark
March 7- Lunasa at The Ark 8pm
March 8- Fiddle and Guitar Workshops with Kevin Burke and Cal Scott 7pm
March 11- Kevin Burke and Cal Scott in concert at Greenwood Center 4-6pm
March 17- St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with Mick Gavin
March 24/25- Fiddle Workshops with Patrick Orceau- Kalamazoo (pls. message for more info)
April 13-15- Midwest Fleadh Cheoil – Chicago
April 16- Tannahill Weavers at The Ark

I’m starting to worry I’m going to have to clone myself just to catch half of the great things going on!

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Bonus Session at Stein Haus

Because the new session setup is 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at the Stein Haus and 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the Midland Brewing Company, there will occasionally be months where the 1st Tuesday is the same week as the 2nd Wednesday — and this month is one of them! As a result, by the normal schedule there should be no session this week. But we decided to have a session this week anyway! It’s Tuesday the 14th at the Stein Haus in Bay City, a Valentine’s Day session!

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Stein Haus


Here’s the inaugural installment of the new Stein Haus session.  Kathy, Jerry, Randy, Linda, Bruce, and Randy.

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Bay City Irish Session Moves!

Bruce Alvesteffer tells us “Wanted to let everyone know that the Bay City Irish sessions will now be held at the Stein House every 1st, 3rd, and 5th (if there is one) Tuesday of the month.” The first session there will be this Tuesday, January 31st, at 7PM.

Note that this is a slightly funky change in the schedule; if the first day of the month is a Wednesday, then the 1st Tuesday is the same week as the 2nd Wednesday, meaning the Bay City and Midland sessions will happen on the same week all month. We’ll see how this goes right away, as the first double-session week will be next week.

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White Pine Celtic at the Midland mall, right now.


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Mick Gavin teaching Irish fiddle at the White Crow

The latest White Crow newsletter says

Irish Music Hall of Fame Fiddler:
Mick Gavin coming to the CROW once a Week to join our Teaching staff.
Limited slots available on Wednesdays
with one of the Midwests’ Finest Irish Fiddle Teachers!

I don’t have any more information on the lessons than that, but I can say that if you judge the teacher by the quality of his students, Mick is unquestionably the best Irish fiddle teacher in Michigan. If you are interested in improving your Irish-style fiddle playing, this is a fantastic opportunity.

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Crossroads Ceili at the Ark

Mick Gavin’s Crossroads Ceili is playing at the White Crow in Saginaw Saturday night (7 pm). I don’t know who exactly will be playing with Mick this time out, but he always has some of Michigan’s absolute best Irish musicians with him. Here’s some sample video of the group from a few year’s back — though I’d be very surprised if Dennis Cahill is playing with them this weekend!

Highly recommended.

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New Location for Bay City Session Tonight

Tonight’s Bay City Celtic session will be at Coonan’s Pub. It’s at 1004 N. Johnson Street, two blocks north of Center Avenue. The session starts at 7:00 PM.

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Midland Folk Festival Workshops

The Midland Folk Festival is next weekend, and they’ve posted their workshop schedule for Friday and Saturday. There are a lot of interesting looking classes, but I’d like to put in a word for the four I’m teaching:

Friday, 10 AM: Newfoundland Dance Tunes
Friday, 1 PM: Irish Dance Tunes
Saturday, 11 AM: Irish Single Reels
Saturday, 1 PM: Traditional Newfoundland Waltzes

For all the classes, my goal is going to be to teach two tunes of the given type. Instead of creating a CD like last year and burning 50 copies (which was far too much work!), I’m going to put all the resources for the classes here on Midland Celtic. I will have sheet music to pass out, probably one page’s worth for each class.

All the tunes will be playable on whistle for sure, as that’s my instrument. But any melody instrument with a reasonable range capable of playing in G and D should be able to handle them. I will try to work out simple chords for the sheet music as well, but that’s not really my thing, and I make no promises.

The two “dance tune” classes will be a bit easier than the other two; the single reels will be pretty brisk, and the waltzes just plain have more notes.

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Legacy / Dervish / No session on August 2nd

On Sunday, Legacy is going to be at the White Crow, 3pm-5pm. I don’t know much about them, but the sound samples at their web page seem pretty nice.

On Monday, Dervish will be at the Midland Center for the Arts, 7pm. Very highly recommended.

No Bay City session next week. So the next local session is the Midland Brewing Company on August 10th, then back to Bay City on August 16th with a new location: Coonan’s Pub at 1004 N. Johnson Street, two blocks north of Center Avenue.

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