Midland Folk Festival 2012 Irish Tunes Workshops

Irish Tunes Workshop Sheet Music

The Lisheen Slide: Paired with “Star Above the Garter”, this simple little slide is the very last tune on the classic Sliabh Luachra album Star Above the Garter
. Here’s a superb recording by Mick O’Brien and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, played on a flat set of pipes and a tuned down fiddle (ie not in G). Here’s another, I don’t know anything about the players but it’s some tasty playing in F. It’s also been recorded by Midland’s own duo Moriath.

Brendan Tonra’s: Brendan Tonra is a Sligo fiddler who moved to Boston as an adult. He composed hundreds of tunes, and this is the most famous of them, very widely played and entered enough into the tradition that the name frequently seems to have gone through a game of telephone. (“Also known as Brenda Tonra’s, Brendan Tone Rowe’s, Brendan Tonro’s, The Tone Row, Tone Rowe’s, Tone Rowes, Tonra’s, Tonro’s, Tonroe’s.”) I don’t know who the players are here, but this is a nice clean version on one-row accordion.

Banks of Lough Gowna: This B minor setting is how I normally play it, but be aware it is quite common for fiddlers to take it down a whole step and play it in A minor. There are a zillion recordings of it on YouTube.

Whinney Hills Of Leitrim: This tune is simple to play, but there are a lot of different ways to play it, and the name is often confused with other tunes. (Or possibly I’ve confused it!) Anyway, this is more or less how I remember playing it back at the sessions in Ann Arbor.

Last Night’s Fun: This is a classic single reel. Here it is played on flute by Liam Kelly and Bryan Brookes.

Irish Reel Workshop Sheet Music

(Notes on and recordings for the reels to be added sometime soon.)


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