Midland Folk Festival 2014 Celtic Tunes Workshop

Andy de Jarlis’s: This is one of those tunes that has a long, complicated history. It’s believed to be a composition of Métis fiddler Andy de Jarlis. It made its way to the Cape Breton fiddling community, where Jerry Holland recorded it in 1992. It’s fairly close to the version I have here, except it is in E major. From there to Ireland, where it was recorded by Altan and Dervish. At some point it got transposed down to D to make the flute and whistle players happy. This version is how I have it in my head, it’s been so long since I learned it I don’t really remember where I got it from.

Da Underhill: This Shetland reel is very popular in the Bay City sessions at the moment. I believe they got it from Aly Bain. (Here’s a recording of him playing it.)

Paddy Cronin’s: My source for this Irish slide is an untitled 1948 RTE recording of Paddy Cronin where he plays it after “Denis Murphy’s”. (Hmmm, according to his Wikipedia page, the recording might actually be from 1949.) Update: I’ve just learned a 2010 RTE CD release includes this track and calls this tune “Across The Road”.

Sam Sinnick’s: I got this step tune from the playing of Rufus Guinchard; he got it from an older Newfoundland fiddler named Sam Sinnick.


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